Make a Fantasy Weapon

Course description

Learn how to turn your doodles into fully realized vector art! Follow along as we take a simple sketch into Adobe Illustrator and step-by-step make a beautiful weapon right out of your favourite fantasy world. Great for learning how to work with shapes, colours and gradients.

What You'll learn

  • A start to finish process for creating a detailed vector illustration
  • How to creating a sketch from gathered inspiration
  • A variety of methods for creating the exact shapes you want
  • How to move from greyscale to colour to make sure you have a good sense of contrast
  • How gradients and other effects can be used to create very dynamic lighting


Take a sketch of your imagined (or not) fantasy weapon into Adobe Illustrator and make a beautiful piece of vector art!

Course outline

Lesson 1: Making a Fantasy Weapon

A quick overview of all the steps that go into creating our desired result in Illustrator.

Lessons 2-3: Concept

In these two lessons we will be going over how to find inspiration for your weapon design and then use it to create a sketch.

Lessons 4-5: Working in Greyscale

As we begin our design in Illustrator we will be sticking to greyscale. This will help us focus on shape creation and using values that will contrast well.

Lesson 6: Adding Colour

Once we have a greyscale design that works it's time to add colour.

Lessons 7-9: Blade, hilt, gems and grip

These lessons will go through the process of using gradients and Illustrator tricks to add more dynamic lighting to each section of the weapon.

Lessons 10-11: Details, glow and background

In this final set of lessons we will finish off our fantasy weapon by adding details, giving it a magical glow and creating an interesting background that supports our design.

About the teacher

Hayden Aube is a designer-turned-illustrator with an obsession for how we learn. Having made many big transitions in his life and career, Hayden now channels his time into helping other artists get where they want to be. This means tutorials, coaching and several community-based initiatives. To stay sharp, Hayden maintains a freelance illustration business, creates a variety of personal projects and is always enrolled in an online or in-person course himself.

Great Class! A great way to learn about vector based lighting techniques while opening your horizons to creativity!
— Dave Tauro
Great tutorial! It’s easy to follow the steps of the process as the steps are clear and not too long/boring while not being too fast/short either. It’s a very clean way of working and even though I am familiar with illustrator I still feel I picked up a lot! Do recommend!
— Wieger Jonker
Fun tutorial! Loved seeing the process and amount of detail that goes into illustrations like these. Also learned a lot of new Illustrator tricks to apply to my next project. Thanks Hayden!
— Evelyn Csiszar

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