Playing with Texture

Course description

There are many different ways to add texture to vector artwork. Many involve purchasing brushes, using texture overlays or rasterizing your work. Find out how to add texture to your work that can be done all inside of Adobe Illustrator and be scaled to any size you like—just like the rest of your vector art!

What You'll learn

How to add texture to any vector artwork that:

  • is created entirely inside Adobe Illustrator
  • can be scaled to any size you'd like
  • can be tweaked as much as necessary
  • works for highlights and shadows
  • looks totally awesome


For this class you will be:

  1. Going through the attached Shapes Exercise
  2. Applying the texture technique to a design in Adobe Illustrator

Course outline

lesson 1: The technique

Start the course off by learning the specific technique we will be using to create our texture effect inside of Illustrator.

lesson 2: Shapes exercise

Once learning the technique this is your opportunity to absorb it by going through a provided exercise. This is where the real learning happens—while you're doing.

Lesson 3: working with illustrations

In this lesson we will be looking at how to apply this technique to vector illustrations to give them an interesting textured look.

Lesson 4: Next steps

In the final lesson we will discuss further actions to take now that you've learned this useful technique.

About the teacher

Hayden Aube is a designer-turned-illustrator with an obsession for how we learn. Having made many big transitions in his life and career, Hayden now channels his time into helping other artists get where they want to be. This means tutorials, coaching and several community-based initiatives. To stay sharp, Hayden maintains a freelance illustration business, creates a variety of personal projects and is always enrolled in an online or in-person course himself.

Certainly I would recommend this class. It’s great fun and Hayden is a wonderful teacher. He’s funny, he explains everything clearly and you can go right to work. Even with very little experience, like me.
— Maureen Piet
Very easy and straight to the point class. This is a technique that you could easily apply on your day to day to take your illustrations to the next level.
— Mario Jacome
A really helpful and concise class. Used this to learn new techniques for work and it was so easy to follow. Hayden’s instructions are simple and you’ll feel silly for not learning these easy but awesome texture techniques sooner!
— Ellie Weston

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