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Mentorship (1 Hour Skype Call)

The quickest path to improvement

1-on-1 is the best way to learn. If you are feeling unfulfilled in your work, looking for feedback or finding trouble in any other area of your career, it’s amazing what a single conversation can do. I say this not only as someone offering these services but one who consistently seeks them out. I highly recommend this option if you're looking for a serious breakthrough.

Common topics in these calls have been:

  • Transitioning from one creative career to the next
  • The best ways to improve in a specific area
  • Creating work that you love and care about
  • Scheduling and work/life balance
  • Staying motivated
  • Creating effective practice schedules

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"Hayden got straight to the heart of the issues I was struggling with and offered tons of great suggestions! He approached each problem with candor and care, as if it was his own. I’d highly recommend doing a mentorship session with him!"

– David Miranda, Founder of Artisfy

"Hayden's expertise and simplified approach is unmatched. He truly has the heart of a teacher and I recommend him to anyone with questions on the topics he teaches."

– Chris Jordan, Web Designer

"Hayden is such a joy to talk to; his ease of explanation, happy demeanour, and knowledge of the design world shows his passion for helping people to improve in a field he loves. Worth every penny."

– Tatiana Bischak, Freelance Designer

I've also been known to take on mentees on a more long-term basis. Contact me if this is something you're interested in.