The Illustration Power Couple

Course outline

Lesson 1: Preparation and Execution

By preparing everything that we can ahead of time, we can assure that our final piece is not only better but that creating it is stress-free.

Lesson 2: From illustrator to photoshop

Learn how to set up your Illustrator file so that it is perfectly organized once brought into Photoshop.

Lesson 3: Wielding photoshop brushes

Learn which brushes we will be using in Photoshop and when each will be used in achieving the look we're going for.

Lesson 4: Photoshop Power Moves

This is the meat of the class. Learn all the Photoshop techniques you will need to bring your vector artwork to life.

Lesson 5: Instruments Demonstrations

Watch as the Photoshop Power Moves are put to the test with a demonstration of several pieces of a larger illustration.

Lesson 6: Now it's your turn

Use all that you've learned to create a design of your very own.

Course description

Bring your vector illustrations to life with Photoshop!

Love the precision of Adobe Illustrator but find it lacking when it comes to giving things an organic feeling? You and me both! In this class I show you how bringing your vector artwork into Photoshop is a lot easier than you think. 

What You'll learn

  • How to export Illustrator files into perfectly organized Photoshop files
  • How to do a lot with just two free Photoshop brushes
  •  7 Power Moves that will make working in Photoshop a breeze
  • How to combine all you've learned into creating your very own educational poster

Find out why when brought together, these two programs can make wonderful illustrations!


For the class project you will be creating an educational poster on anything your heart desires! Just follow along with the class and:

  1. Sketch out your design
  2. Build your basic shapes in Illustrator
  3. Finalize your artwork in Photoshop

And remember—the more you can prepare before executing, the smoother things will go!


About the teacher

Hayden Aube is a designer-turned-illustrator with an obsession for how we learn. Having made many big transitions in his life and career, Hayden now channels his time into helping other artists get where they want to be. This means tutorials, coaching and several community-based initiatives. To stay sharp, Hayden maintains a freelance illustration business, creates a variety of personal projects and is always enrolled in an online or in-person course himself.

Great class for people who are predominately Illustrator users but want to take their illustrations to another level by integrating Photoshop.
— Davie P.
Well explained and sampled visually. Nice that it wasn’t too long, yet the technique was fully instructed.
— Kim Bliss
I LOVE this class! this is what I’ve been looking for :) thanks for making this amazing tutorial.
— Mickey Chan

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