Make Paths Fast & Easy


Live Corners is hands down the BEST feature to come from Adobe Illustrator CC. What might seem like a simple little perk at first quickly becomes an incredibly versatile, time-saving tool when you dig deeper.

Join me in this quick class as I walk through the many uses that can come from Live Corners and demonstrate how they can be applied just about anywhere :)

Please note that these techniques require Adobe Illustrator CC

What You'll learn

  • All the ways you can work with Illustrator's Live Shapes feature
  • A workflow for combining Live Corners with the Pen Tool that creates smoother paths at a quicker pace
  • Examples of these techniques applied to real illustration work


There are two parts to your assignment in this class.

  1. Download the attached document and trace all six sketches using the technique from the class.
  2. Create an illustration/design using at least three of the live corner techniques covered in this class.



    About the teacher

    Hayden Aube is a designer-turned-illustrator with an obsession for how we learn. Having made many big transitions in his life and career, Hayden now channels his time into helping other artists get where they want to be. This means tutorials, coaching and several community-based initiatives. To stay sharp, Hayden maintains a freelance illustration business, creates a variety of personal projects and is always enrolled in an online or in-person course himself.