Create work that matters

I have yet to come across someone who is satisfied with making work only for themselves. As creatives we want to make art that has a purpose. A constant conversation in these coaching calls is identifying your creative superpowers and how you can make a living around using them for good.


Bring clarity to your career

At a time where everyone must manage a personal brand and is encouraged to have several side hustles, the biggest breakthroughs I continue to see are from those that understand the power of focus. Whether it's in your business, personal work or other areas of your life, pinpointing what's essential and eliminating the rest is crucial in producing massive results. This continues to be the most discussed subject in these calls.


Get unstuck

Sometimes we know something has to change and we just can't move forward. There's a crippling frustration that comes with being stuck on a decision, project or way of thinking. I can contribute every major shift in my career to a period of feeling hopelessly trapped and a subsequent conversation that brought me out of it and beyond. Because often once we get so deep in something, there is no thinking our way out—just talking.


During checkout you will be asked to provide specifics about what you're looking for on the call. This is also where you will suggest potential times for our conversation. After this I will respond to confirm a time and ask any follow-up questions. Google Hangouts or Skype works fine for the call itself.


Each coaching call is one hour. I recommend reaching out if you're considering purchasing more than that.


No. A lot of preparation goes into our conversation regardless of it's duration. Because of this a shorter call wouldn't be much cheaper and would likely be rushed as the time usually flies by.

What is your availability?

It varies week to week but the standard timeframe to book these calls is Tues-Thurs from 1-5pm EST. If these times don't work for you we can find one that does.


I have taken on long-term mentees in the past and am open to doing so. Reach out if this interests you.

Hayden got straight to the heart of the issues I was struggling with and offered tons of great suggestions! He approached each problem with candor and care, as if it was his own. I’d highly recommend doing a mentorship session with him!”
— David Miranda, Founder of Artisfy
Hayden’s expertise and simplified approach is unmatched. He truly has the heart of a teacher and I recommend him to anyone with questions on the topics he teaches.
— Tatiana Bischak, Freelance Designer
Hayden is such a joy to talk to; his ease of explanation, happy demeanour, and knowledge of the design world shows his passion for helping people improve in a field he loves. Worth every penny.
— Chris Jordan, Web Designer

Creative Career Coaching

Sorry, coaching currently isn't being offered.

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