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Level up your character design skills

Get a free prompt every day for 30 days.

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Your daily theme

Each day you will receive an email with a theme for you to design a character around. You are free to create anything so long as it relates to this theme.


More than just a theme

Some days you might want more than the theme to go on. That’s why every prompt comes with a bonus paragraph of story which you can base your character around. This is a fun way to design in directions that you may not normally think of.


Amp up the difficulty

For those who are really looking to push themselves, each prompt also comes with an optional challenge. While many of these challenges are designed to push you outside your comfort zone, you might find that some are just plain fun.


Links to help you win

Finally, you’ll also receive a set of useful links each day to keep you inspired, motivated and having a good time.

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You're not alone on this journey

Character Quest is something you can do alone or with others. Post your work with the #characterquest hashtag and connect with your fellow adventurers.


Wait... There's a reward?

While the real benefit from Character Quest is in building your skills and portfolio, we want to do all we can to encourage you to complete it. That’s why everyone who completes Character Quest will receive a free month of access to every course on Happy Faces on Everything and lifetime access to our private Slack channel.

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