My name is Hayden Aube and I run Happy Faces on Everything.

I have had several transitions in my life. Changing careers more than once, moving between countries and being an employee, contractor, freelancer and business owner. And one of the hardest things about pushing into new territory is navigating all the information that's out there. This is especially so for creative disciplines.

Happy Faces on Everything began in 2016 when I realized I could make the journey for designers and illustrators easier. Rather than just add to the noise that's out there, I filter through it and distill only what's necessary. By focusing on quality over quantity, you can have confidence in knowing that every course, tutorial and resource you find on the site is attentively researched and heavily curated.

Creatives of every level are always looking to up their game. This could mean learning a new skill, having a breakthrough in their freelance career or just finding a way to apply their abilities that matters. Happy Faces on Everything is about providing people with the resources to make that happen for themselves.

Hayden and Happy Faces on Everything have been featured on the Mof1 Podcast, the Online Course Masters Show, Skillshare, 365 Awesome DesignersRookieUp and more.

You completely get the sense that this man really wants YOU to learn the material.
— Dameon Williams, Designer & Illustrator