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Latest Creative Nibbles

XL: Why designers make awesome illustrators

XL: Why designers make awesome illustrators

So we're trying something new this week—we're going over a minute! If you're a designer with ANY desire to do illustration work, this is for you...
#31: The balance between learning and creating

#31: The balance between learning and creating

There are all sorts of wonderful ways out there to self educate, self inspire and put direct yourself down your next creative path. But all of th...
#30: What to expect from every creative project

#30: What to expect from every creative project

Today's nibble comes to us from Todd Henry's book Louder Than Words. Despite our excitement and sense of ease at the beginning of a project it's ...

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6 happy faces on everything icons

Show Your Work: HFOE Logo

To celebrate the launch of my newsletter, I decided to provide a quick run-down on how it’s animated logo was created. To be clear, I’m talking a...
Pair of pirate drawings

What happened when I asked the internet to draw pirates

I’ve been focusing a lot on story recently—specifically as it relates to illustration. More and more I notice that my own work, as well as much of...
slug illustration

Show Your Work: Spirit Slug

Those of you who know me know that I teach vector illustration classes over on Skillshare. And while I absolutely love the platform and it’s serv...

What people are saying

Hayden is my favorite teacher so far. The classes are thorough, easy to follow, and dont drag on. Thanks!

Alexander House

I truly love the way Hayden explains things in his videos. Very clear and at a good pace. His voice isn't annoying and his video are super fun and entertaining and educational!

Jhuly Feliz

All of Hayden's classes are super useful and clear for people of any level. I just binge watched them all and totally recommend them.

Roz Bur

All of this guy's classes are amazing!

Chris Cambell

Great course and great teacher. Everything was explained well. You can really tell Hayden loves what he is doing and it's very inspiring. Keep it up, and the slack channel is awesome too.

Greg Weir

Awesome! Even after years in Illustrator this was very useful to learn some techniques and speed up my workflow. Thanks!

Philipp Wolf

Hayden's step-by-step process makes for a very smooth learning curve throughout the duration of the class.

Chris Mouti

You completely get the sense that this man really wants YOU to learn the material and convert it to something that makes your own work pop. 

Dameon S. Williams

I love this guy. He's so talented.

Châu Ngọc